Health History Collections

Simplifying the application process

Medical history information is an important part of every life insurance application. At our 400-seat call center, our experienced staff interviews your applicants, asking them a series of questions regarding their health, family history and lifestyle activities.

ExamOne partners with you to review your script requirements, design a script, and collaborate with your team to customize the reflexive logic to meet your underwriting requirements and workflows. We can identify opportunities to reflex APSs or add additional exam/lab requirements during the interview. These opportunities help improve the applicant experience by eliminating the number of touches they receive throughout the process and increase the comfort level of answering personal questions over the phone rather than face-to-face.

How a call center-based interview can improve your applicants’ experience and provide more precise information for insurers:

  • Shortens the paramedical exam time by prepopulating the answers to the medical questions
  • Offers the applicant the opportunity to voice sign*, eliminating the need for the examiner to capture signatures during the exam visit
  • Provides consistent underwriting information gathered in good order (iGO)
  • Allows you to begin the underwriting process earlier, thus additional requirements are ordered earlier – ultimately reducing overall turnaround time
  • Improves applicant experience by allowing them to disclose personal information to an anonymous third party

With more than a million interviews completed each year, our call center employees are committed to gathering the required information you need to underwrite your applicants while providing them a pleasant experience.

*Based on carrier requirements.

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