Better quality ensures more precise underwriting decisions

At ExamOne, quality is more than a goal – it’s a commitment. Our quality initiatives can be seen in every piece of our business and we take pride in our data integrity. Applicants deserve the best service and clients deserve the best data — both are achieved through consistently high quality.

ExamOne practices Six Sigma guidelines and strives to achieve Six Sigma standards. What does this mean in comparison to other laboratories? For every 250,000 specimens that are tested at our laboratory, less than one will have an error. That would be 2,500 errors for a laboratory testing at 99% accuracy. In order to adhere to Six Sigma principles, we complete 320 quality control checks each day, and undergo a full internal inspection every two years.

Additionally, ExamOne testing locations are appropriately certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA 88) and as required by certain state laboratory licensure programs.

Most underwriting decisions are based on laboratory results. Feel confident in your decision knowing that your specimens were tested at a laboratory that strives for “virtual perfection.”

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